About The Ellory Co.

The Ellory Co. is an online boutique of handmade and curated accessories, founded by Meghan Allen. 

Meghan began making clay earrings in 2019 (under her original business name, Clay + Bloom). She grew a thriving online presence and successful business selling her handmade earrings. In 2022, her book Handmade Clay Jewelry was published, in which she details her clay jewelry making process from start to finish, sharing various methods and techniques and over 20 projects for readers to make clay jewelry of their own. 

In 2023, Meghan rebranded her business as an online boutique full of various handmade & curated accessories called The Ellory Co. "Accessories to bring you joy" became her mission, and she continues to grow her business online. Her dream is to one day open a storefront for The Ellory Co. in her town.

Meghan lives in a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth with her husband Ricky. She graduated from The King's University with a degree in Christian Ministry. She went on to work in various church staff positions, as well as working in customer service and content creation for other small businesses. She eventually found her passion in starting her own business, and she views her work as a calling and a privilege.